Supreme Labs- Protein Shaker

Supreme Labs- Protein Shaker


Make protein shakes anytime and anywhere with Supreme Labs’ 500ml protein blender. Comes with pill organiser and powder container attachments. Buy now.

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The Perfect Protein Blender for When You’re on the Go

Supreme Labs Protein Shaker with spiral mixer and pill & powder attachment. Store your daily supplement needs in one convenient shaker.

  • 500ML



The Supreme Labs Protein Shaker is designed for people who are always on the go. Just put your protein powder in the bottle, add the desired liquid and the spiral mixer will help you make a smooth shake in seconds. 

The protein shaker has measurement marks, making it easy to get the right powder-to-liquid ratio. With its design and silhouette, it’s neither bulky nor boring, adding style to practicality and convenience.

Enjoy your shake anytime, anywhere

No need to bring electric portable blenders. The Protein Shaker’s spiral mixer effectively mixes protein powder with liquid and breaks up lumps, creating an enjoyable smooth drink.

Move without the worry of spills and mess

The screw-on lid creates a leak-proof seal and the flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained. The bottle’s sides have anti-slip grips, making it easy to hold. 

Everything you need in one container

Our shaker has compartments for pills and powders so that you can reduce the containers you have to remember. Everything you need for a leaner body is in an easy-to-carry bottle.

Easy to clean

Easy to disassemble and having a wide mouth, the Supreme Labs Protein Shaker can be cleaned effortlessly, preventing dirt and bacteria build-up in inaccessible crannies.

No worries

The cup is made of toxic-free plastic so you can continually wash and use your bottle without worries of chemicals leaching into your drink. Stay hydrated and maintain the nutrition intake you need wherever and whenever with the Supreme Labs Protein Shaker.