Low-Calorie, 100% Whey Supreme Protein

Low-Calorie, 100% Whey Supreme Protein


Give your body high-quality, low-calorie whey protein. Supreme Labs’ 100% Whey Supreme Protein maintains, repairs, and builds your muscles.

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Harness the power of 100% whey protein, minus the calories. Supreme Labs offers 100% Whey Supreme Protein, a low-calorie protein powder that’s packed with whey peptides and branched-chain amino acids.

It’s formulated to:

  • Enhance protein synthesis

  • Support muscle growth

  • Speed up muscle recovery

  • Increase your performance

Because of its simple formulation, your body digests it easily and delivers protein to the muscles quickly. The result? Your muscles can harness the protein straightaway. This protein powder is best taken in the morning or half an hour after training.

Superior Formulation

Our 100% Whey Supreme Protein is specially formulated to provide the high-quality protein needed to repair and rebuild muscle fibres. It contains:

  • 27g of pure, high-quality protein

  • 5g of natural BCCAs

  • 5g of L-Glutamine

    Supreme Labs takes pride in our high-quality, naturally sourced and clinically researched ingredients. Everything we put in our low-calorie whey protein powder is sourced from within Europe, and the final product is manufactured in the UK — and only in GMP-compliant facilities.


    100% Whey Supreme Protein is:

  • Gluten-free

  • GMO-free

  • Hormone-free

  • Has no added sugars

  • Has no artificial flavouring

  • Has no artificial colours

  • Low on calories and fat

Superior Taste

Supreme Labs’ formulation tastes great without the need for artificial flavourings. Our Vanilla protein powder adds a subtle, sweet flavour to whatever you mix it with — milk, oats or baked goods. Our Chocolate variant, meanwhile, packs a rich, delicious taste, sans the calories.

Give your body whey protein that’s high-quality but low-calorie. Get in touch to order our 100% Whey Supreme Protein.


When should I take it?

100% Whey Supreme Protein has fast processing whey peptides which absorbs quickly and should be taken first thing in the morning and/or 30min immediately after training. Mix (30g) one scoop with 200-250ml of water or milk. Alternatively add to your favourite smoothie or juice, also great for baking.

What is 100% Whey?

100% Whey Protein delivers 100% of protein from whey. Delivering the highest quality and fastest absorbing protein source with no added sugars, artificial colours or flavourings to support your fitness and recovery.

Who is it for?

Dedicated and determined men and woman that only choose premium quality protein to fuel and recover from training. If your regularly in the gym too tone or build muscle then 100% Whey Supreme Protein is for you and will support your diet exercise and performance

100% Whey Supreme Protein is vegetarian but not suitable for Vegans and keep out of reach of small children

What are the benefits?

Today’s lifestyles make it especially difficult to consume enough protein in our diets. This makes maintaining or building muscle difficult, even more so for men and woman who exercise regularly or athletes needing faster recovery.

Your body uses protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibres. 100% Whey Supreme Protein is digested easily with the required dosage of BCCA’s and Whey Peptides to support a faster delivery of protein to the muscles.