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Supreme Labs Vegan Protein - What Makes It Different

Experience Complete Vegan Supreme Protein

Complete vegan supreme protein is the highest quality plant based protein source available. Complete vegan is packed with all the essential branched chain amino acids needed to enhance protein synthesis, muscle building, recovery and performance.

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Is fat loss your goal? Why your workout might not be as effective as you think. 

Gym’s, boutique studios, yoga hubs and Crossfit boxes are popping up all over town, and because of the variety, you have endless choice on how you want to burn fat, gain muscle and mobilise your body.

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How to have the best nights sleep… And how not to!

Over time, sleep loss can weaken the immune system and possibly increase the risk for some chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease.

However, even occasional lack of sleep can have a knock on effect for days afterwards. Whilst not all of us may need an undisturbed 8 hours sleep a night, we all do need consistent quality sleep. 

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Top 5 tips to boost your health today

We all want to start living healthier, but it can be confusing figuring out where or how to start. Social media is a great place of inspiration, but sometimes the simple messages of eating well and moving more gets lost in the endless snaps of green drinks and extreme training. 

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Tip 6: Perform your cardio as well!

Tip 6: Make Sure You Perform Your Cardio As Well!

Cardio is an important part of training that people often neglect however they are foolish to do so. (read on to learn why...)

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Tip 4: Make Sure You Time Your Rest Periods

Rest periods are vital to understand whether or not you're progressing with your weight training. 

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Tip 3: Make sure you vary your rep ranges.

SupremeLabs Training Tip: We recommend you vary your Rep range (repetition ranges) is important to stimulate different fibre types leading to more long term gains in both muscle size and strength.

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