Supreme Labs Ambassador - Stella Iordanidi


Name: Stella Iordanidi 

Age: 33 years old

Height: 156 cm 

Weight: 58 kg

Occupation: Fitness profesional 

Hobbies/Interests: sports, reading, traveling 

So you're our newest Supreme Labs Athlete, can you tell us why you decided to apply to be a brand ambassador? 

I decided to be a brand ambassador for Supreme Labs as the products are healthy, naturally sourced, clean and totally transparent. I completely value my health and my fitness performance so I found Supreme Labs products are perfect in supporting me to achieve my goals; getting fitter and healthier.

How do Supreme Labs products fit into your training schedule? 

I am a fitness professional as well as an athlete which means that my day to day lifestyle is very active. I find in The Conquer Preworkout the right support for the days i am running low on energy and I have a heavy workout ahead. it gives me the energy and the focus required without the crash or mental fog at the end. I would also occasionally use The SHREDDER STIMULANT FREE - FAT BURNER if I find myself having to cut weight after holidays or festivities. 


As an Ex Triathlete what are your goals for the future?

I stopped competing long time ago but never stopped training as it is a big part of me. It defines my persona to the point that i became a fitness specialist. I am a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and my goals are to always stay hungry for knowledge and keep spreading that knowledge between the people I coach and the people that follow my journey.

What Motivates you to train hard and diet? and where does that motivation come from? 

Growing up as an athlete teaches you that training and dieting should not be seen as a hard job. You want to perform at your best, therefore you need to make sure that training and diet are supporting this goal. It becomes a lifestyle. I am my own motivation as I do always want to be better and perform to my fullest. I do not compete anymore but I do strongly believe that training and dieting properly is vital for optimal health.

What would be your best advice to someone just starting on their health and fitness journey?

I would advise them to try as many different activities as possible, don’t just go for what all your friends are doing; you need to truly enjoy what you are doing even when there is pain and hard work involved. This is the only way you will be able to sustain it. So many people fail at sticking to their fitness goals because they are forcing themselves to follow a trend that they don't truly enjoy. 

Finally we'd like to know what your favourite exercise is and why?

My favourite exercise is any compound movement performed with a barbell ( clean, snacth, squats, deadlift, bench press etc ) I find a magical and empowering connection with the barbell. i just can’t explain it.

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