Supreme Labs Athlete Alexander Freshwater

Supreme Labs Athlete Q & A with Alexander Freshwater


Welcome Alexander,


1. So you're our newest Supreme Labs Athlete, can you tell us why you decided to apply to be a brand ambassador?

I am super passionate about fitness and have been training for quite a few years. I have tried Supreme Labs supplements in the past and they are great. So I thought why not apply and see what happens…. And here I am.   


2. How do Supreme Labs products fit into your training schedule? 

I work long hours and work out early in the mornings so the Pre-workout is exactly what I need so that I can train at optimum performance levels.


3. As an ex rugby player what are your goals for the future?

To maintain and build upon the body I have created in a natural manner.


4. What motivates you to train hard and diet? and where does that motivation come from?

Knowing what works for your body is key. Being able to train hard comes from my diet, staying hydrated and rested. Dieting for me is a lifestyle choice, if I can eat yummy food and still progress from that I must surely be onto something good right? Motivation comes from me competing against myself and striving to be better than I was yesteredy .


5. What would be your best advice to someone just starting on their health and fitness journey?

Simplicity is key, stick to a simple diet, a simple training program and train hard, you will see the progress in no time at all!


6. Finally we're all dying to know what your favourite exercise is and why?

Incline dumbbell chest press for sure. It is such a good way to build strength an thickness to your upper chest and this is something I am proud of having.


Thanks for jumping on board with us, we look forward to your posts and hope you continue to get great results using our products. 

Alexander Freshwater Supreme Labs Athlete - Preworkout