Supreme Labs Athlete Profile:

Supreme Labs Athlete Q & A with Matthew Threadgold

Welcome Matthew,

So you're our newest Supreme Labs Athlete, can you tell us why you decided to apply to be a brand ambassador?

MT: I enquired about the products as I saw the nutritional content and dosage was very impressive, I’ve know the founder Andre for a little while too. Every time I’ve spoken with Andre I’ve found him to be knowledgeable about nutrition and supplementation particularly for specific goals around strength and power whilst staying lean.

How do Supreme Labs products fit into your training schedule? 

MT: I use the supreme labs to complement my training goals, when I’m dropping weight I find the Shredder (stimulant free fat burner) supplement gives me a sense of feeling fuller whist speeding up my metabolism. Conquer (pre workout drink) improves my concentration, training focus and certainly enhances my performance during my sessions.

As an Ex GB Athlete what are your goals for the future?

MT: After numerous injuries, the latest being an achilles rupture nearly 2 years ago I have been experimenting with different types of training and methods. I’ve competed in crossfit and thoroughly enjoyed it but my passion will always be with athletics because of the variety of different power training involved in sprinting. I will continue to experiment trying out different sports and have been fortunate enough to travel the world doing so which I hope will continue.

What Motivates you to train hard and diet? and where does that motivation come from?

MT: I have always been motivated to perform to the best of my abilities, I don’t like things that aren’t done properly so I’m always trying to do things better. There is a real sense of fulfilment when you achieve a goal, especially when it means something to you.

What would be your best advice to someone just starting on their health and fitness journey?

MT: For someone just starting out I would advice them to try as many different sports or activities as possible, don’t just go for what all your friends are doing; if you find the right sport or exercise that you enjoy you’ll make friends for life doing it.

Finally we'd like to know what your favourite exercise is and why?

MT: My favourite exercise has got to be the Olympic Snatch, it incorporates it all; Strength, Power and Coordination. Also when you’re showing others how to do the movement you can show them a bodywave as an example, I love to throw a few shapes at the weekend when I’m not training.

Thanks for jumping on board with us, we look forward to your posts and hope you continue to get great results using our products! 

Supreme Labs Athlete Matthew Threadgold Preworkout