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We care about doing things right for our consumers no matter what your needs. We refuse to compromise on customers service, materials, ingredients and quality. Our founder Andre Brun knows from years of experience and experimentation on how dialling in his nutrition and the nutrition of his clients is essential for maximum recovery, performance, vitality and quality of life. He has found switching to a plant based diet can help you perform better and recover faster than eating meat and animal products while keeping peace of mind that your consuming ethical plant based food without introduced hormones or genetically modified practices.

He wanted to every person experience a quality of life and alternative options for your supplementation needs with even more nutritional value than animal products. Although vegan supplementation is not new, Supreme Labs is the next level in vegan sports nutrition. Andre with his wealth of experience and years of experimentation has put together his team of experts in science and nutrition to provide the brand and lifestyle you can trust that delivers exceptional products for our consumers while always maintaining high quality and sustainable ethical practices. 

We will always engineer healthy products in line with our “Natural Quality Nutrition” ethos. We thrive to be your number one transparent and trustworthy vegan brand in todays complicated and tarnished supplement industry. Naturally sourced, highest quality, affective and third party tested, our products are nutritionally balanced and tastes better than any other vegan brand.


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Many vegan products on the market today are sold as vegan without this registered trademark and they should be pulled off the shelf! Without The Vegan Society Trademark products are are not authentic international vegan and have not passed the strict criteria checked by a dedicated and experienced team of experts to query the potential inclusion of animal ingredients, including those not present in the final product. Working with Supreme Labs The Vegan Society audit for products at risk of cross contamination with animal ingredients are carried out for the consumers full reassurance.




Our NATURAL QUALITY NUTRITION message requires only ethically sourced food produce and manufacturing standards. Every product is GMO FREE, HORMONE FREE, GLUTEN FREE, HALAL/KOSHER CERTIFIED AND 100% NATURAL SWEETENED. Vegan products are all certified LACTOSE FREE. Every ingredient is naturally farmed and sourced using environmentally sustainable practices while being serious about reducing overall carbon footprint and is the fabric of everything we do.


NUTRITIONALLy balanced at the highest quality


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) covers all aspects of production from starting materials and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. Detailed written procedures are essential for each process that could affect the quality of the finished product. Every time a product is made there are systems to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step of the manufacturing process. At Supreme Labs we engineer the best nutritionally balanced formulas and ingredients for your body and mind to stay healthy and thrive. We only use researched effective ingredients guided by our team of experts. Our products help to build and maintain muscle, energy and endurance. With digestive enzymes for good gut health, high amino acid profile for fast recovery Supreme Labs is LOW IN CALORIES, LOW IN SUGARS AND LOW IN FATS making it the best choice for your nutrition supplements!